My Great Granddad

After more than a year of not writing… I’m back! So many things had happened and so many things will still happen. I can only write them down as I remember them. It may not be exact, but it is how I remember them. Have fun reading! And join me as I happily go down to that memory lane.


Lola Elvira, the beautiful lady second to the top. >,<

Last February, my cousin Gaia tagged me into this poster… my grandmother, that beautiful lady second from the top, was being honored by the University of Santo Tomas in their 400 year anniversary event.

I AM SO PROUD!!! >,<

 That was then…

And this was last night’s event (June 25, 2012)…


In honor of my great-grand dad!!!

A few months ago University of Santo Tomas (the oldest university here in the Philippines) celebrated their 400 years anniversary. And I really don’t know the rest of the details… but for some reason they collaborated with the GSIS ( Government Service Insurance System) and conducted an event to honor pioneering artist here in the Philippines that led to the Philippine Modern Art. As it happens, my grandmother was one of the pioneering professors in Fine Arts in that university. So, of course, her paintings were part of the showcase in the museum of GSIS last Feb-Mar 2012.

My mom went to the show bringing with her the book she wrote, Bong To. It’s about our grandparents and published last year of June 2011. A funny thing happened, one of the organizers whom my mom either gave or sold her book to, discovered from reading her book that my grandmother was the daughter of Salvador Lagdameo. Okay, so who is Salvador Lagdameo? Now the next info is something new to me and to my family meaning no one remembers in my immediate family that great-granddad was the first General Manager of GSIS. How weird is that?

It brought a series of events which made my Mom (a “writer”, among many other things she does) and my aunt Angel (partner in crime and really good at getting what she wants)  to visit some old relations to gather either paintings or info regarding either about my grandma or great-granddad. They were sometimes successful and sometimes not-so, some relatives just don’t want to lend lola’s paintings to them. Sigh… relatives.

Last night was the culmination of their short research. My great-granddad was not only the first General Manager of GSIS, but he was the Treasurer of the former Central Bank of the Philippines, and according to my uncle-twice-removed, a financial genius. What I find amazing was that he used to sign those Philippine bills. O-M-Gee, I used to collect old stamps and old money when I was kid. And I never knew of this info?!? If I have known, I would have done everything to search for a bill that was signed by Lolo Salvi. (Yes, I decided to call him such instead of Lolo Badoy as he was known… I mean come on. He had such a manly name, I don’t know why they have to bastardize it into Badoy. Badoy means tacky or close to it. Probably worse than tacky.)  Just imagine, if my mom gets it into her head to write another book a pre-sequel to “Bong To” (which was the nickname given to my grandfather by the Tibuli tribe. It means medicinal man (yes, I know I’m regressing to another story ). And titled the book; “Ang Lolo Kong Badoy”.  Well, he was my mother’s lolo.  You see what I mean?

Anyways, during Lolo Salvi’s time, signing your name on those bills meant engraving your signature which is no longer done now. So, if you ever find one signed by Salvador Lagdameo, don’t hesitate to let me know. I’ll move heaven and earth to have one of them in my collection. Which means I cry and I’ll beg you to give it to me! Pretty please!!!

A one pesos paper bill signed by Lolo Salvi:

one peso bill

A One Peso Bill Signed by Salv. Lagdameo

Let me recap things here: Last night, it has been a year since my mom launched her book about her parents, my grandmother Elvira turned 100 years old if she was still alive last Feb. 12, and it was the 75 year anniversary of GSIS.

What can be weirder than that?

Don’t you just love how the universe can come up with all of these things without you knowing it. >,<

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